Outcome-based UX for SaaS, B2B and complex business systems.

I'm a UX Designer who works to increase business and user productivity within B2B and enterprise organisations, by improving the design of complex, data heavy and feature rich, SaaS products and business systems.


United Kingdom


UX Design, User Research, 15 years experience within contract, perm, remote and hybrid roles


B2B, SaaS,
business systems,
desktop and mobile

Have a strategic user-centered plan to avoid badly designed software and services.

B2B software is notoriously difficult to use and some interactions can be painful. Your product likely provides a huge amount of value, but it can be difficult to unlock unless features are designed around evidenced user need, and those usability issues are corrected.

I work to transform feature rich, complex, and often legacy systems and processes into modern interfaces in a controlled and manageable way.

I help product teams ship better products, using pre-agile user testing and UX design methods that validate the right ideas before commitment to development.

This ensures product teams save time and money by building the right thing.

I work with work multidisciplinary teams and demanding stakeholders, championing User-centered Design principles.

I work to increase business productivity and profit within enterprise, by improving complex and feature rich SaaS and business systems.

I identify problems within long, heavy touchpoint products and service user journeys via targeted user research and insight channels.

I work within large-scale digital transformation and legacy systems that require significant change to increase product use and adoption.

I find the right research candidates, outline pain points and define desirable user capabilities that make real improvements for end-users.

I focus on pre-agile, creating user stories and design tested prototypes to aid accurate-to-need backlogs, features and requirements.

I implement user-centric methods and tooling to support and encourage organisational design thinking.

This ensures product teams create, test and deliver user-centric products and services.

  • Pain point identification
  • Discovery phase planning and facilitation
  • Optimising complex, multi-touch point user journey
  • Targeted user research
  • Generating feedback and insight
  • Stakeholder management
  • Design sprint management
  • Design tooling and workspace
  • Feedback and insight gathering
  • User journey and service mapping
  • Storyboarding and storytelling
  • Generating ideas and prioritising them
  • Clickable prototyping and user testing
  • Navigation, components and templating
  • Assisting epic, feature, and building requirements
  • Design QA and in-sprint design critique

Senior Product Designer
bp · Contract · London
Nov 2022 - May 2024 (1 yr 7 mos)

My recent role enabling better organisational learning at bp.

I had impact at bp, leading the design and pilot phase for a B2B learning-based Salesforce platform for over 3,000 regional engineering lesson contributors and validators.

I facilitated multi-business entity discovery and stakeholder collaboration, to ensure organisational learning leaders could report on performance, identify trends, and measure the impact of learning.

I introduced user-centric methods of targeted research in order to avert from a culture of stakeholder-led requests. I managed the implementation and quality control of LDS, Salesforce's Lighting Design System.

Pre-agile, I translated and validated user needs and desired capabilities into testable prototypes, buildable user stories, and user-centered requirements that were delivered in fast-paced development sprints throughout 2023.

UX Lead
flydocs · Contract · Tamworth
Jun 2021 - Oct 2022 · 1 yr 5 mos

Senior UX Designer
Banking Works · Contract · Chester
Oct 2019 - Mar 2021 · 1 yr 6 mos

UX Designer
EG Group · Contract · Blackburn
Jul 2019 - Sep 2019 · 3 mos

UX Designer
MirrorWeb · Contract · Manchester
May 2018 - Jan 2019 · 9 mos

UX Freelancer
EPIK · Self-employed · Manchester
Jan 2015 - Apr 2018 · 3 yrs 4

Experience Designer
EPAM Systems · Full-time
Apr 2014 - Dec 2014 · 9 mos

UX Designer
Cube3 · Full-time
May 2009 - Apr 2014 · 5 yrs

Featured case studies.


Desktop · Discovery · SaaS · Record Management · React

flydocs Desktop app re-platforming discovery and beta program for aviation's leading asset management solution provider.

mastercard NCO (under NDA)

Desktop · Discovery · Business System · Registration Process

Fast-paced discovery, finding a new legacy software alternative for mastercard chip and pin customers to onboard onto the new mastercard NCO service.

Banking Works (under NDA)

Desktop · Discovery · Analytics · Beta Engine · Fintech

Re-platforming and redesigning a new-to-market cloud-based financial portfolio analysis beta engine for financial auditors analysing lending.

bp CXS (under NDA)

Desktop · Discovery · Analytics · Salesforce · Knowledge Base

Leading the design and pilot phase for a B2B learning-based Salesforce platform for over 3,000 regional engineering lesson contributors and validators.

EG Group (under NDA)
Mobile (iOS) · Discovery · Loyalty Club · Fuel & Convenience

Establishing a MVP feature set through discovery, for a brand new integrated partner app ‘EG Club’

MirrorWeb (under NDA)
Desktop · Analytics · Web Archiving

HubSpot conversion focused website and SaaS platform development for the future of digital archiving.

Working with me.

Matthew Allen

Director of Innovation

I worked with Matthew at flydocs in 2022

“From first contact my gut told me Martin was the right character, had the mindset that was needed and a super keen eye for creative detail and ux consideration. What was really important for me was the fact that Martin had a friendly, personable yet professional attitude which meant he was approachable and great to work with. Wouldn't hesitate to work with you again Martin!”

Louise Ikonomides

Managing Director
I worked with Louise at Banking Works in 2021

“Martin is a talented and professional creative, he was a valued asset to the Product Development team during his time at Banking Works. He needs very little direction and produces both innovative and intuitive interfaces for complex web applications. A pleasure to work with.”

Ryan McDowall

Project Manager

I worked with Ryan at Banking Works in 2021

“I worked with Martin at Banking Works in 2019/2020 and found him to be an excellent communicator and facilitator. He spent considerable time working to understand the intricacies of the business in order to develop his designs in line with the steer provided, however brief and inconclusive . His attention to detail was second to none. I'm confident Martin could effortlessly fit into any working environment such is his friendly and warm personality.”

Nina Mack

Managing Director

I worked with Nina at Worship Digital in 2018

“Martin is a delight to work with. He’s a brilliant UX designer, with amazing attention to detail and a clear understanding of the best way to gather the data needed to validate UX decisions. He’s played an important part in several of our projects over the years and I wholeheartedly recommend him.”

If I sound like the right fit. Lets connect.